Animal Hospital at Oakleaf Plantation
Updated October 13, 2015
Small      :  $ 18 per night
Medium :  $ 20 per night
Large     :  $ 22 per night
Runs  :   $25 per night

** Any size dog(s) may be lodged in the runs
based on a first-come, first-served basis.
The following vaccines are required for boarding.  Please bring a copy of your
current vaccine record, if not a current client.  If vaccines must be administered,
an exam fee may be charged.

For Dogs: Bordetella, DHPP,and Rabies
For Cats: FVRCP and Rabies
We offer Full Service Pet Lodging, Grooming & Bathing Services (with Medicated Shampoos)
and Daycare for your furbabies. We ensure our guests are as comfortable as possible by using
only genuine
Ceva diffuser products for cats and dogs:

Cat Only Accommodations with Scenic Outside Views

Large Breed Lodging with Outdoor Walks & Playtime


Separate Small Breed Boarding with Outdoor Walks & Playtime

Appointments are preferred to ensure space is available for your loved ones.
Dog Accommodations
Cat Accommodations
Small     $ 18 per night
Large    $ 20 per night
Large Dog (Over 40 lbs) Accommodations
To contact us, please email us at
i or click here.  
Or call us at
(904) 317-6555.